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И. Попчев. Изкуствен интелект в средното училищe

Статията е 4 от 11 в списание АВТОМАТИКА И ИНФОРМАТИКА 1, 2019 г.


Key Words: Artificial intelligence; secondary schools; representation and knowledge processing; intelligent agents; semantic modeling; machine learning and emerging technologies.

Abstract. The article briefly introduces the published in 2019 by Izkustva Publishing House textbook “Artificial Intelligence. Solving Problems Through Search“ with authors Stanimir Stoyanov, Todorka-Glushkova and Yordan Todorov – lecturers at the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”. The textbook adopts an algorithmic approach and the basic methods are presented as abstract algorithms, with curious examples, interesting questions and biographies of researchers added for a clearer understanding. According to the specific conditions in each school and class certain topics and tasks could be included or respectively excluded. The following textbooks are: knowledge representation and processing, intelligent agents, semantic modeling and machine learning. It has been suggested that other scientists, professors and specialists will be involved in writing textbooks on emerging technologies.

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