Н. Делийски, Н. Тумбаркова, Н. Тричков, Ж. Гочев, Д. Ангелски. Изчисляване на коефициента на топлопроводност на дървени детайли при едностранно нагряване

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Кey Words: Flat wood details; one sided heating; plasticizing; bending; temperature conductivity.

Abstract. An approach for the computation of the thermal conductivity of flat wood details during their one sided heating process before bending has been suggested. Mathematical descriptions of the specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and density of the non-frozen wood in the hygroscopic range have been introduced in own 1D non-linear mathematical model of one mentioned process. For the numerical solution of the model a software program has been prepared in the calculation environment of Visual FORTRAN Professional developed by Microsoft. With the help of the program, the 1D non-stationary temperature distribution along the thickness of subjected to one sided conductive heating flat wood details aimed at their plasticizing in the production of curved back parts of chairs has been calculated. The change in the thermal conductivity as a function of the temperature, moisture content, and basic density for beech details with an initial temperature of 20°C, moisture content of 0.15 kg.kg-1, and thickness of 16 mm during their 30 min one sided heating at temperature of 80°C, 100°C, and 120°C of the heating metal body has been computed, visualized and analyzed.

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