В. Димитров, Л. Попов. Метод за пълна оперативна идентификация на инерционни обекти с изменящи се параметри

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Key Words: Aperiodic unit; time constant; transmission coefficient; parallel correction.

Abstract. A method for full operational identification of objects or units approximated to an aperiodic unit of the first order where electromagnetic inertia or time-delay are negligible. These are low-power electromechanical systems and small chamber furnaces. The method identifies the time constant T and the transmit coefficient k on the object. Robust control of a first-inertia object is developed – a small electric furnace with forced cooling, for which a predetermined transition process of cooling the material has to be provided. The corresponding parallel correction scheme is implemented, which turns the object into a deinterleaving tracking system.

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