П. Благов, П. Русков. Изграждане и развитие на Европейската инфраструктура за блокчейн услуги EBSI и на EBSI продукционни възли

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Key Words: EBSI; Node Expansion.

Abstract. The article examines the current state and the EC project for building EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) production nodes. The main characteristics and architecture of the EBSI platform are presented. The EBSI – NE – Node Expansion project involving the authors to maintain and develop the nodes is described. The EBSI – NE – Node Expansion, Deployment of EBSI production nodes, and provision of support services to the EBSI network at the European level project will further develop the blockchain nodes in the EU and help build capacity for using the technology. The objective of the EBSI-NE consortium is to support the development and adoption of the EBSI network at the European level by increasing the number of validator nodes in the production network and the provision of support services for all relevant EBSI stakeholders. These actions will increase the robustness and maturity of the production network of EBSI, enabling the development of the prioritized EBSI cross-border use cases. The consortium is made of 24 organizations from 14 European countries including government agencies, public institutions, and academia which have extensive experience related to Distributed Ledger Technologies and past EBSI ecosystem initiatives, including the deployment of pre-production nodes. It is within the program DIGITAL-2022-DEPLOY-02, Project ID: 101102570. The tasks and expected results of the project are also presented.

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