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П. Лебамовски, Е. Петков. Изучаване на стереометрия в средния курс на обучение посредством 3D технологии

Статията е 6 от 7 в списание АВТОМАТИКА И ИНФОРМАТИКА 4, 2018 г.

Key Words: 3D modeling; dynamic software; research approach; stereometry.

Abstract.  The article presents a new approach to the training of students in Stereometry in the secondary schools. The aim is to create an application that presents the learning material of the textbooks in a way that is easily understood by learners while at the same time excites them and motivates them for new knowledge. Graphics are presented which can be implemented in two ways: solid and wireframe (transparent), their advantages and disadvantages are considered. An analysis of 3D modeling techniques such as LOD (Level of Details), voxels and sweep representation is also done. The study highlights the advantage of the system, which is the stereoscopic perspective. Its implementation is realized by a system without immersion or projector. The constructivism and the connectivism are considered as suitable methodologies in case of application-based training in mathematics.

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