ecological systems
L. Jusufi (LJ), S. Xhafa (SXH). Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies for Implementation of the Smart City Project in Pristina

Key Words: Smart City; Smart Water System (SWS); Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies (SWIT); GIS; DMA; NRW.

Abstract. Over the next decade, urban populations and the need for clean water will continue to grow. Cities are forced to find intelligent solutions for the rational use of clean water using Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies (SWIT). The Smart Water System is an important component, along with other components, with the particular importance to complete the implementation of the Smart
City concept. Most of the Smart City projects have a relatively short history and often the level of their impact is not clear. Cities are getting smarter every day, using information and communication technologies to enrich and enhance city life. Some cities in the Western Balkans have started implementing Smart City, some are in the feasibility study phase and some are in the planning phase of starting implementation. Before implementing a Smart City project, it is necessary to understand not only the potential impact of the project but also the priorities and the specific problems that are trying to be solved. For this reason, this paper will provide information about the level of Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies that are installed in Pristina Water Company to implement a Smart City Project in Pristina. The objective of this paper is to present an assessment of the current situation in the application of Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies in the Pristina Region and to provide a summary of potential key recommendations for the integration of such technologies the Smart Water System control for Smart Cities.