Scientific conferences and symposia in 2021, at which the Society of Automation and Informatics (SAI) “John Atanasov” is the organizer or co-organizer

In case of impossibility for authors to attend due to COVID-19, for all conferences and symposia there is a possibility for online presentation of accepted papers.

TopicTypeLocationPeriod Web site
22-st International Conference on Computer Systems and TechnologiesCompSysTech'21International Conference
University of Ruse, Bulgaria18.06 -
IEEE International Conference Automatics and Informatics’21 (ICAI’21)Continuation of the International Conference "Automatics and Informatics"International ConferenceVarna, Bulgaria30.09 - 03.10.2021
7-th IEEE International ConferenceBig Data, Knowledge and Control Systems Engineering, (BdKCSE’2021)International ConferenceSofia, Bulgaria28.10 - 29.10.2021
29-th International SymposiumControl of Energy, Industrial and Ecological SystemsInternational SymposiumHotel Zheravna, Bankya, Bulgaria11.11 - 12.11.2021
IFAC WorkshopControl for Smart Cities – CSC 2022International WorkshopHotel Villa List, Sozopol, Bulgaria27.06 - 30.06.2022