• Increasing the membership (individual and collective members), with a specific emphasis to attract young researchers, industry stakeholders, and researchers from abroad. The SAI will work to strengthen and expand its organizational structures and foster their improved functionality
  • SAI will support the use and implementation of information technologies in the activities of the society (in terms of registration systems, e-forums, expanded web site, etc.) so that to establish SAI as a modern e-society
  • Continuation and improvement of the quality and dissemination of activities of SAI, that relates both to its traditional annual events, and also to new initiatives that SAI will engage with or develop
  • Development of new society activities that tackle state-of-the-art topics and fields, including the ongoing seminar series in theoretical and practical aspects of automation and information, the lecture and discussion series on technological development of business organizations. It will also explore funding opportunities for its activities through the European Union research funds.
  • Enhancement of the participation of SAI in the preparation, approval and realization of national programs and policy frameworks, as well as the discussion of changes to the legislative norms, related to the development of the information society and the national strategy for research, higher education development, technological advances, innovations and research infrastructure development
  • Improvement and enhancement of contacts with the international organizations IFAC, IEEE, IFIP, and CEPIS
  • Development of mutually beneficial initiatives and joint events between the SAI and the Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions (FSEU) with its substructures, as well as with other relevant professional societies, business communities, etc.
  • Enhancement of interactions with the cluster on “Mechatronics and automation”
  • Enhancing the significance of 4th October as the professional day of celebration of Bulgarian specialists in computer technologies, information technologies and automation, through the events related to “John Atanasoff Days”
  • Continuation of development and enhancement of the significance of the activities of the “Club of Automation and Informatics”
  • Creation of specialized (real and virtual) libraries of books, journals, and commercial materials in SAI, related to the fields of automation and informatics
  • Improvement and enhancement of activities to collect and disseminate materials for the history of SAI and of the research, education and production activities of the society and its members around computer technologies, information technologies and automation
  • Organize competitions with rewards for the best book, the best practical development, best paper in Bulgaria, best young researchers’ development, best Master thesis, etc.