M. Petrov. Multiple Objective Optimisation for the Ethanol Production from Strain Saccharomyces sereviciae

Key Words: Multiple objective optimisation; ethanol production; Saccharomyces sereviciae; general multiple objective optimisation; fuzzy optimisation; fuzzy multiple-objective optimisation.

Abstract. A fuzzy procedure is applied in order to find the optimal feed policy of a fed-batch fermentation process for ethanol production using a Saccharomyces serevicieae. The policy consists in feed flow rate, feed concentration, and fermentation time. In this study biotechnological process is formulated as a general multiple objective optimisation problem. By using an assigned membership function for each of the objectives, the general multiple objective optimisation problem can be converted into a maximizing decision problem. In order to obtain a global solution, a method of fuzzy sets theory is introduced to solve the maximizing decision problem. After this multiple optimisation, the useful product quality is raised and the residual substrate concentration is decreased at the end of the process. Thus, the process productiveness is increased.