M. Hadjiski. Integration of Decision Making and Control Systems

Key Words: Artificial intelligence; control systems; data-drivenprocess; Decision Making; human-machine interaction; optimization.

Abstract. The work examines the main aspects of the integration of decision making (DM) processes and the control of systems (Control Systems, CS) in modern objects with great complexity and complexity from the perspective of effective application of artificial intelligence methods using data flow. The DM procedure is treated in the light of modern settings and requirements for successful functioning under difficult to overcome conditions such as great uncertainty, scarcity and low quality of data, multicriteria, stochasticity, significant limitations, variability of structures and parameters. Particular attention is paid to the need to increasingly involve machine methods in hybrid Decision Making (DM). The solution of the DM task is treated as an optimization problem that can be solved by different formal, heuristic and hybrid methods depending on the context, existing experience and knowledge, available resources – cost, time, qualification. Special attention is paid to DM and CS approaches in centralized, decentralized and distributed site structures. The wide range of possibilities for the application of technologies based on artificial intelligence and the perspective of their application are indicated.