R. Ivanov. Automatic Beacon Deployment for Indoor Localization

Key Words: Beacon deployment; indoor localization; Indoor Positioning Systems.

Abstract. Localization of visitors in public buildings is a key technology to create accessible environments using location-based services. The usability of these services and the satisfaction of their clients depend on the accurate calculation of the position of visitors. This is most often realized using wireless sensor networks. The localization accuracy depends on a number of factors, one of which is the deployment of the sensor nodes. This is a complex task, which is most often realized by experts. In this article, we offer a complete solution for creating systems for indoor localization, which includes: (1) Algorithm for fast partitioning of the building components into non-overlapping rectangles; (2) Algorithm for sensor nodes deployment based on the geometry of the rectangles obtained; and (3) Algorithm for optimizing the sensor nodes placement taking into account the connectivity between the building components (rooms and corridors), as well as the static objects, which are obstacles for radio signals. Numerous experiments have been implemented in stimulating and real environments, which prove the applicability of the proposed solution.