V. Boishina. Situattion Predictive Control for Energetic Systems

Key Words: Distributed diagnosis; supervisor control; case base reasoning; predictive control.

Abstract. The research is mainly focused of using of possibility to collect the historical information about the behavior of the control system. The main focus is to illustrate using of the Case Base Predictive Control, which optimizes the way of choosing the optimal way of control of the system in respect of taking the decisions according to the historical experience about system behavior and fast changing outdoor parameters. The paper described forming of cases which describing different system situations and the appropriate way of choosing of the right way of system control. The proposed research represented the possibility to aplly Case Base Reasoning (CBR), based on the previous knowledge about system behavior and possible system disturbances caused from different environment changes (climatic and economic ones). The research propose the way of optimizing the control of energetic control system based on previous known cases.