education and qualification
S. Tsolova. Results from Approbation of Innovative Methodology for Education with Innovative ICT Tools

Key Words: Approbation results; innovative methodology; David Kolb’s experiential learning cycle; Honey & Mumford learning types.

Abstract. The aim of this article is to present the results from a research, focused on the creation and evaluation of an innovative educational model, combining: Honey and Mumford learning styles, David Kolb experiential learning cycle and identification of the most effective innovative ICT technologies supporting the educational process for each learning style in the methodology of David Kolb’ experiential learning cycle. The presented in this article methodology was used as a basis for development of learning materials for university master degree course in the field of “Innovations and Innovation Management” and this gave opportunity for evaluation of the developed model: part of the course was implemented with traditional lectures without application of the presented here innovative model and later the same part of the course was implemented with application of the here presented innovative model and the specifically prepared for it learning materials. During the experiment the students filled in questionnaires in order to evaluate the used methods, learning materials and tasks in the course, the levels of acquired knowledge, level of involvement and satisfaction in the course. The results from this research presented in this article confirmed the successful application of the innovative methodology and the students’ preference towards educational process based on this methodology.