K. Boshnakov, Transfer of Scientific Developments for Control Systems from Laboratories to Industry. Thematic Summary Based on IFAC Industry Committee and IEEE Control Systems Society Publications

Key Words: Academic research; technology transfer; validation and technology transfer; validation steps and tools.
Abstract. This thematic summary is based on publications of the Industry Committee of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), T. Samad et al., Industry engagement with control research: Perspective and messages, Annual Reviews in Control, vol. 49, pp. 1–14, 2020 and IEEE Control Systems Society: Control for Societal-Scale Challenges: Road Map 2030, published May 2023. The main goal of both developments is to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Based on IFAC Industry Committee discussions, surveys and research, 10 messages to the research community have been formulated. The road from academic research to industrial incorporation is difficult and lengthy. It is argued that the lack of validation is a major obstacle to the transfer of technologies developed as a result of academic research, and in practice the academic community can play a crucial role in the validation process. Five steps in validation and tools for each step are identified, and recommendations are presented to advance validation and facilitate the transition to innovation and technology transfer in the short, medium and long term.