P. Kesova, I. Bachkova.Improving the Energy Management Systems Using Industrial Internet of Things

Key Words: Energy management systems; Internet of Things; optimization; ISO 50001; metallurgy plant.

Abstract. Energy management systems (EMS) are complete solutions for optimization of energy consumption and energy processes in enterprises. They encompass specialized hardware and software components and services directed towards monitoring, measurement and management of energy consumption. Тhe advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) paradigm may be successfully used to improve the functionality and quality of EMS ensuring reliable data collection and sharing, ubiquitous computing, and computing clouds using powerful resources to solve a variety of decision-making and scheduling tasks that abound in the system. The basic requirements for advanced energy management systems based on the ISO 50001 standard are analyzed. The architecture and functionality of currently used energy management system for non-ferrous metallurgy plants are presented and the weaknesses of this system are analyzed. An improved framework of the energy management system based on the concept and technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things is proposed and discussed.