I. Velkova. Unstructured Data Processing and Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence

Key Words: IDOL; Hadoop; artificial intelligence; big data; analysis, processing; unstructured data.

Abstract. This paper presents at the challenges and prospects of handling and analyzing unstructured big data with artificial intelligence. A huge amount of data like video, text, images, and social content from various applications is created, collected, and accumulated every day in all areas of human activities. This unstructured data cannot be effectively stored, processed, and analyzed using traditional tools and databases. This paper addresses this issue and proposes an approach to help process and subsequently extract knowledge from unstructured data collected from various sources using artificial intelligence. Some of the few existing technological tools for processing unstructured data in a Hadoop environment are presented. As a result of the study, an architecture for such processing and analysis is proposed. It includes a set of technologies that provide a possible solution to the problem.