N. Deliiski, D. Angelski, N. Trichkov, Z. Gochev. Computation of the Average Mass Temperature of Wood Details during their One Sided Heating

Кey Words: Average mass temperature; oak details; one sided heating; plasticizing; bending.

Abstract. An approach for computing the average mass temperature of the wood and the rate of its change during one sided heating of flat wood details, has been suggested. The approach is based on the use of the solutions of own non-linear model for the calculation of the non-stationary 1D temperature distribution along the thickness of subjected to one sided conductive heating flat wood details aimed at their plasticizing in the production of curved back parts of chairs. A software program has been prepared in the calculation environment of Visual FORTRAN Professional for solving of the model. With the help of the program, the 1D non-stationary temperature field in flat oak details with an initial temperature of 20 oC, moisture content of 0.15, thickness of 12 mm, 16 mm, and 20 mm during their 30 min one sided heating at temperature of 80 oC and 120 oC of the heating metal body has been calculated. After integration of the temperature field, the average mass wood temperature and the rate of its change of the subjected to one sided heating oak details has been calculated. The obtained results are graphically presented and analyzed.