achievements and applications
R. Draganov, K. Haralampiev, P. Ruskov. Blockchain Service Control Platform in Smart Hotel

Key Words: Innovation; tourism; smart enterprise; blockchain; JEL Classification: Z32.

Abstract. Smart blockchain services control platform in the smart hotel is applied to enable optimal control of the services provided in the tourist enterprises by reducing the cost of business transactions and increase the trust among participants in the process, by using intelligent devices and equipment, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchains. The paper is focused on a useful model for IoT-enabled telematic devices in a smart hotel via a blockchain-based smart contract. At the tourist site, smart sensors and devices are mounted on the various devices and technological blocks in an intelligent platform providing an efficient economy for tourist services. The purpose of the utility model is based on the principle of the intelligent blockchain system for the implementation of secure and certified provision and payments of services in a tourist complex, without relying on a third party, trusted or not, through the introduction of blockchain platform for the execution of the service and payment.