ecological systems
S. Kasabov, E. Kirilova. Application of NIR Spectroscopy Combined with Chemometric Modelling Methods for Environmental Analysis of Contamined Soils

Кey Words: NIR spectroscopy; chemometric methods; environmental analysis; contaminated soils.

Abstract. Conducting quantitative analysis of soil properties and contaminants in them is a crucial for an achievement of a good understanding of dynamics of ecosystems and a sustainable soil management.
This study presents the recent progress on the developed combined approaches including NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for accurate, low-cost and reliable quantitative analysis of soil content, published in prestigious journals for the last 7 years. A classification of the approaches depending on the types of soils components, the type of applied pre-processing and chemometric methods
is done. Their main advantages and disadvantages are shown and some trends for future development are outlined.