А. Hristov, М. Nisheva, D. Dimov. An Introduction into Convolutional Neural Networks

Key Words: Convolutional neural networks; artificial neural networks; machine learning; object classification and recognition; computer vision.

Abstract. The field of machine learning has undergone rapid development with the rise of artificial neural networks (ANNs), over the past years. Some of the recently gained popularity models of the ANN are the so-called convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Impressive results in image recognition and object detection are achieved by the latest generation of CNN’s architectures, which unravel the significant interest in them from various professional communities. This paper presents the structure and basic principles of functioning and training of CNNs. The latest results in the field of development and application of such models have been discussed. The presentation has an informal, intuitive character and implies that the reader is familiar with the basics of machine learning and artificial neural networks.